Who is My Soul Mate? - Find Your Soul Mate Right Now

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What we all want in our life is a soul mate, and we live our life searching for one, but it all proves to be a wild dream, which you keep chasing and never get your hands on.
Most of the time, we walk by our soul mates, without knowing it, and we are never lucky when it comes to being at the right place at the right time.
These steps can help you to find your soul mate.
1) Be ready to self examine your self, look for good changes that you could make in yourself to attract more people towards your self.
It doesn't matter if you are ugly form outside, because it's totally an internal examination.
2) Never lie to your self in any regard, because only we can tell what is inside us or what is going on within us, only we can be the judge of our self.
Blaming or lying to our self is just a tactic that we use to shield our self from some harsh reality, lying to our self is the most silly thing to do with ourselves.
3) When looking for your soul mate, try to look for true beauty, instead of outer beauty or materialistic beauty.
Look for a soul mate, who is beautiful inside out.
When you become one with your inside, you begin to see, what's inside of other people too.
This way you can look the inner beauty you want in your soul mate.
4) The next step in finding your soul mate is, never to lie to your partner, no matter what the thing is, never hide any thing from them, thinking that, knowing this will hurt them.
You know what, telling them won't hurt them as mush it will hurt when they find out that you were hiding some thing from them, so trust your partner and share everything with them.
5) Patience is the next step to finding your soul mate, you have to be patient when you're looking for your soul mate.
Keep all the above mentioned points in your mind but don't obsess your self with finding a soul mate, live your life to the full and enjoy everything that comes your way.
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