Homemade Wedding Shower Gifts

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    Framed Calligraphy

    • If the bride or groom has a favorite text, use hand calligraphy to bring it to life. You can write out a love poem, romantic quotation, or a meaningful religious passage. Practice your calligraphy at home until you feel confident. If you struggle with traditional pen and inks, try working with a calligraphy marker. Do use a high-quality archival marker to ensure the ink won't fade over time. Write the calligraphy on high-quality paper and have it framed. For a romantic touch, add decorative themes inspired by medieval illumination.

    Recipe Book

    • If the bride and groom are moving out on their own for the first time, a collection of their extended family's favorite recipes is sure to be appreciated. Have everyone in the family submit two of their best recipes, each for a different type of meal. Hand write the recipes into a blank cookbook with clear script and colorful pens. After you present the book, have everyone who contributed autograph it for the couple.

    Engagement Shadow Box

    • With the help of the couple's family and friends, collect mementos from the bride and groom's courtship. Construct the shadow box by using a pre-made wooden box with a sliding glass lid, balsa wood and wood glue. Paint the box in the bride's wedding colors or with other themed designs. Pin the keepsakes inside the box and affix the glass to keep dust out (see Resources).


    • A quilt to decorate their marriage bed is a keepsake the bride and groom are sure to treasure. First, make a basic patchwork quilt yourself or purchase one from the store. Before the shower, take the quilt to the bridal party. Have everyone write hopeful messages with fabric pen. Embroider the messages in with black thread to make them stand out. Present the final project to the couple during their wedding shower.

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