How to Use Microsoft Excel for Statistical Analysis

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    Adding the Toolpak

    • 1). Click the "Office" button, and then choose "Excel Options."

    • 2). Click on "Add-Ins->Manage->Excel Add-ins" and then press "Go."

    • 3). Check the "Analysis ToolPak" and the "Analysis ToolPak-VBA" check boxes. Press "OK."

    Using the Toolpak

    • 1). Click on "Data Analysis" from the "Data" tab from the Excel Ribbon (the main toolbar).

    • 2). Click on the type of data analysis you want to perform. For example, if you want to perform a Regression (where you fit your data to an equation), click on "Regression."

    • 3). Click "OK."

    • 4). Fill in the data in the pop up window. For example, enter the cell number where your data starts and ends by entering the cell numbers.

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