Flatter Abs - Fitting Into Tight Jeans Everyday

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Fitting into tight jeans everyday can be quite frustrating when flatter abs escapes us.
Trim off those last few pounds of excess belly fat and have those jeans fitting easier and sleeker giving you the sexier look you've been wanting.
After training and losing weight, your body will tend to burn less calories as a result of an overall lighter body but adjustments to your eating habits and workout sessions can make all the difference in losing those last few pounds, helping you acquire flatter abs.
The last 10 pounds is always hardest to lose for almost everyone because your body does its best to keep them in case of a crisis.
The common feeling is that you're doing everything you're supposed to and yet you're not losing any more weight nor fat.
What happened? Well, your body has reached a stable phase in which it feels secure.
So it works hard to stay in that position for as long as it can.
You now need to introduce some unpredictability to what it is used to in order to jolt it out of its comfortable state to allow it to release the rest of the weight it is holding on to.
An easy way to further enhance an active lifestyle is to participate in a good mix of differing activities.
If you regularly jog, then opt for a swim or get some mountain biking in or have a few rounds of badminton.
The variety keeps you interested, excited and active.
A great way to further push your interval training to higher limits is to do a series of exercises without rest in between exercises.
After the series, rest a couple of minutes then do the series again.
This is a proven method for melting belly fat away and for speeding up your metabolic rate.
Continuous muscle building works best at eliminating belly fat because muscles keep your metabolism racing at a fast rate burning fat fast.
The key is to constantly push those muscles with as much weight as they can handle each weightlifting session so you don't lose any muscle and keep building more instead.
Meal-wise, it is a good idea to go on with 5-6 small meals a day but vary it by eating a bit more for a couple of days to get your body burning more calories than it's used to based on your regular diet.
For example, if you usually consume 1200 calories, go up to 1300 for 2-3 days then go back down to 1200 calories the following day.
This fools the body into releasing the remaining 10-15 pounds it is desperately holding on to.
Following these guidelines should flatten your abs and help you fit into those tight jeans everyday for the rest of your life.
Just couple the guidelines with determination and a reminder to never keep your routine static.
Variety is key to changing your abs for life!
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