Grow Broccoli for Health

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Top marks for growing and eating this incredibly healthy vegetable.
Plant out the seedlings from late autumn to early spring.
I tend to plant before the weather gets too cold but before the winter weather really sets in.
I personally like to think the plants grow a root system that will see them through the warmer days before the cold hits them! Broccoli is a cold weather plant and does better in cooler climates.
Some of the newer hybrids can tolerate some warmer weather.
Broccoli seeds are easy seeds to grow.
Depending on the number in your family plant the numbers of plants you could easily use, say 6-8 for an ordinary sized family of two adults, two children.
This is of course assuming the children like broccoli! Raise your seedlings with a gap of a month to six weeks apart.
Alternatively grab half a dozen plants from your local nursery every month! Seeds can be sown directly in small groups of two or three into the garden if you wish, but keep an eye on the snails and slugs that live in the garden.
Thin the plants to the strongest ones once they have grown to a reasonable size.
Prick out the small seedlings to grow on into their punnets or pots until you feel they are big enough to transplant.
If the weather is still a little warm and they are outside, care must be taken to keep the white butterfly at bay with Derris dust or a similar powder or spray.
Prepare your seed beds well and have plenty of fertilizer and compost well dug in prior to planting out.
Broccoli grows fast and the main head seems to appear in no time at all.
The green head is similar to that of a cauliflower and should be picked while the head is firm and the soon to be flowers are not starting to spread.
The beauty of broccoli is that once you have picked the main head, the plant can be left to grow side shoots that can be cut and eaten as well.
Broccoli keeps well in the fridge crisper or if you have too many, freeze them.
Broccoli is said to have anti cancer, viral and bacterial properties.
The best way of eating is steaming, microwaving, or raw.
It is also very tasty as a stirfry vegetable.
Broccoli is considered high in Vitamin C and other nutrients valuable for healthy bodies.
It is also nice eaten with a cheese sauce.
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