How to View Running Processes on Mac OS X

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      Launch activity monitor

      Click on the "Applications" icon in the a Mac "Finder" window and scroll down to the "Utilities" folder and select "Activity Monitor." Double-click "Activity Monitor" to launch the application.

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      The Activity monitor

      Click on any running application in the "Activity Monitor" list to view its running processes. Click "CPU" at the bottom of the window to view the percentage of CPU, or Computer Processing Units being consumed by the application or process. Click "System Memory" to view the amount of free and used system memory. Click "Disk Activity" to show the read and write activity to your computers hard disk. Click "Disk Usage" to view the used and unused disk space on your computer. Click "Network" to view all network activity on your computer.

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      Quit Dialogue

      Any frozen or ill behaving application or process that is consuming too much processing power or slowing down your Mac can be "Force Quit" by selecting that application as a "Running Process" and pressing the "Quit" stop sign icon in the upper left hand corner of the Activity Monitor. To confirm you want to really quit the application, a warning dialogue will ask you if you "Really Quit" the process. Click "OK" to quit the process or the "Force Quit" button to force a frozen or miss-behaving application to quit.

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      Force Quit in the Activity Monitor

      Select any frozen misbehaving application in the "Activity Monitor" list view and then click the "Quit Process" stop sign icon in the upper left hand corner of the "Activity Monitor" menu bar to force quit that process or application. A warning dialogue will prompt you with a "Force Quit," "Quit" or "Cancel" option. Click "Force Quit" to immediately force the application to quit, "Quit" to attempt to shut down the application gracefully or "Cancel" to return to the main "Activity Monitor" window.

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