3 Ways Your Stihl 026 Will Last a Lifetime

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A Stihl 026 chainsaw is one of the most popular saws currently on the market; it has been replaced by the MS 260 model.  There are a number of reasons why this chainsaw is so popular:




If you are looking for a chainsaw for use around your farm or garden then the Stihl 026 is the perfect model.  It's lightweight, averaging around 8lbs, and the power the engine provides is about 2kw.  Say, for instance if you wish to cut logs for your indoor fire. By using a 12 inch guide bar, you will find that this model will handle the job with ease.  However, if you need to cut logs which are larger in size, by adding a 16 inch guide bar the saw will still handle the job without any problems.

Here are some tips on how you can make sure that your Stihl 026 will last you a lifetime:

1. Ensure that the chainsaw is always as sharp as possible.  One good way of knowing it is sharp enough is to keep an eye on the chippings: make sure they are being driven far back when the chainsaw is in use.  The other way to tell is by the size of the chippings produced: they should be thin and long. Depending on the size of the chain you are using, the chippings should be between ¼ and 1 ¼ inches in length.

2. The correct fuel mixture is also important so that your Stihl 026 will run at its best level at all times. You should use a proportion of 50:1. A strong mixture is advisable, however, not necessary. There are times when fuel can be contaminated but there is a way to tell if that's the case.  All you have to do is pour a small amount of the fuel on to a piece of concrete that is not in use and leave it for a full 24 hours. When you return to check the concrete and find that there is residue left behind, then your fuel is contaminated- more than likely with paraffin or another type of substitute.  If you use this fuel, you will risk clogging up your carburetor and the chainsaw will not perform as well as it should, if at all.

3. Be certain that you have the correct tension on the guide bar.  The best way to check this is by pulling the chain up at the centre of the guide bar approximately 1 inch.  If it will not pull up this much, the tension is set too tightly.  This will lead to unnecessary wear and tear on the guide bar.  It is extremely important that you make sure the tension is not too slack; this can lead to the chain coming away from your Stihl 026 and could potentially cause serious injury.

All in all, if you follow the guidelines above you will have a lifetimes worth of use out of your Stihl 026
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