How to Tighten the Wheels on Your Rollerblades

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    • 1). Hold the inline skate in your lap with one hand. The wheels should be facing up.

    • 2). Insert the Allen wrench into the bolt of one of the rollerblade's wheels. Tighten the wheel by turning the bolt clockwise. Tighten as much as possible if the wheel has an aluminum spacer. Tighten until snug and then unscrew a bit if the wheel has a plastic spacer. This will help keep the spacer from breaking or deforming.

    • 3). Spin the rollerblade wheel to check whether it's tight enough. Tighten the bolt further with the Allen wrench if the wheel wobbles. Unscrew the bolt a tad if the wheel sounds like it's rubbing, or if the wheel doesn't spin freely.

    • 4). Repeat Steps 1, 2 and 3 until all wheels on both inline skates have been tightened.

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