How to Clean a Swimming Pool - The 3 Different Technologies

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Swimming pools provide countless hours of enjoyment for your family and friends, so you want it to be a safe and healthy place for them.
Professional pool care services can be very costly, so finding methods for how to clean a swimming pool yourself can save you money.
The best part is that it doesn't have to be difficult.
There are three pool cleaning systems that you can use to keep your water clean and safe: 1.
    Manual - this is the cheapest option and only requires basic equipment.
You need a pool skimmer, a brush, and a swimming pool vacuum.
Skim your pool's water on a daily basis to remove bugs, leaves and debris that collect on the water.
Before vacuuming, brush your pool's wall to remove caked on dirt and debris.
Shut off your pool's filter, then vacuum the pool floor.
Once that's done, clean out your pool's filter.
    Automatic - these pool cleaners follow the same basic methods as the manual option, but without your intervention.
There are suction side cleaners, and pressure side cleaners.
The suction side cleaners vacuum dirt and debris from the pool, and it scrubs the pool walls as it moves around.
These may require a leaf/debris bag adapter.
Note, these cleaners will require you to clean your pool's filters more frequently as they are catching more dirt and debris.
Pressure side pool cleaners are connected either to your swimming pool's pump or to a booster pump.
They use water pressure to clean the pool, and come with their own collection bags for debris, so they don't result in the need for extra cleaning of your pool's filter.
However pressure side cleaners are not as effective as the suction side cleaners, which means you may have to brush your pool's walls yourself more often.
    Robotic - these are very effective self-contained devices with an independent motor that are great at cleaning the entire pool.
They scrub the sides, walls and stairs.
They are a more expensive, but more thorough option.
Using one of these three methods for how to clean a swimming pool will save you bundles of money in the hiring of an expensive pool care service.
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