Argington Bam Collection Baby Cribs

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Argington started manufacturing baby products way back in 2003. It is mainly designed by the parents named Jenny and Andrew. Starting as a small firm, with their architectural and fine arts background, they both primarily value since then the needs of the little ones; as what they, themselves, sees for their children. For years of crafting baby products, Argingtons mission is mainly to create and deliver sustainable and green, convertible and mobile products that are indeed safe and convenient for the little ones.

Argington, since then, totally tenders all the comfort and soothing power needed by the little ones. One of their best offers is the Argington Bam Crib as demanded and mostly liked by the Argington Bam Reviews. Argington Bam is merely crafted for the little ones nursery. It tenders the uniqueness and elegance, as most of the parents desires in a luxurious nursery. Hence, to fill in the entire nursery with beauty, the Bam Crib is offered in Argington Bam Crib Set as well. It is dealt with crib plus the other furniture, as needed by the little ones. Thus, Argington Bam truly provides all the necessities needed by the little one in his or her own nursery room, as remarked by most in the Argington Bam Crib Set Reviews.

Argington Bam Crib Collection Set includes the Bam Crib and the Bam Bassinet. The Argington Bam Crib measures 30" width x 54.5" length x 38" height dimensions in inches (86 pounds). The Bam Crib is cleverly crafted surrounded all with well-spaced rails for a better all-round view. As cleverly made, the Argington Bam is crafted versatile and can starter be used as a Bam Bassinet, then later can be converted in to a full size crib when the time is right for the little one.

As cleverly made as it is, Argington Bam truly tenders the beauty it can give to the entire nursery; thus, it can even give a tranquil and serene ambiance as well exactly what every child needs in his or her slumber. Yet, besides the beauty it tenders, Argington Bam still maintains the safety it can truly renders to the little one. As they value the trust of the market entrusted to them, Argington Bam is made from the finest hardwood that ensures its firm component. As cleverly made robust and solid, it can truly stood on the floor sturdily, even as the little one moves in it.

Offered in various colors that truly gives peaceful ambiance in the entire room, and besides in making it a classically elegant one; Argington Bam Crib Set is textured into two stylistic finishes. These are the Argington Bam Crib Set in Ebony and Argington Bam Crib Set in White. Thus, even though it looks classy as it can be, Argington Bam Crib still remains safe for the little one. For all the Argington Bam Cribs Set are made 100% non-toxic and low VOC finishes. It as well passed and exceeded all the safety regulations set forth by the ASTM, CPSC, and Health Canada.

The Argington Bam Crib Set features stationary sides as well, with fix rails for additional security, increased stability, and longevity. It also includes metal mattresses adjustable up to three positions for extra safety. Hence, in the collection, Argington Bam Bassinet also features rolling casters for easy mobility.
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