Discover How To Attract Gorgeous Women

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Even science now agrees that women are attracted to the dark and dangerous types.
These men seem risky, unpredictable, and uncontrollable.
Think Tyler Durden with some class.
They are exciting, living on a bit of an edge, always with them is the risk that they might fall off and bring the woman down with them.
Most guys have seen this phenomenon as early as middle school or high school.
The pretty, popular girl goes for a slightly disreputable troublemaker.
However, this is not the type of guy that most women bring home to meet the parents or marry.
When it comes to marriage-here again science agrees-women go for more stable, predictable types.
Nice guys.
They want to settle down with someone who can consistently provide for the family, protect them, and be faithful.
If you want to know how to attract beautiful women, you first need to know why you are attracting them.
If you want a woman that you can settle down with (and I mean really settle down with: marriage, kids, the picket fence...
) there is one set of behaviors that will achieve that goal.
If you want to attract a beautiful woman to have a casual romantic relationship with, you will need to use different behaviors and strategies to create that outcome.
As I mentioned before, woman who want a casual romantic relationship are attracted to unpredictable "bad boys.
" They are looking for fun, excitement, and adventure.
You need to make her feel these things when she is with you, and have her know that you are the source of those emotions.
There are numerous ways to do this.
One way is what's come to be known as cocky funny.
This basically just means that you are always teasing a woman in a friendly, funny way.
You "bust her chops," as it were.
First, this establishes an atmosphere of unpredictability.
If you are saying humorous things you are almost by definition being unpredictable, since that is largely what humor is based on.
Second, you are making her laugh.
As she laughs she is building a connection between you and the warm feelings of happiness she experiences.
If done correctly, this cocky funny routine will establish you as an exciting person to be around.
Not only that, it will also establish an authoritative persona for yourself.
Because you are controlling the frame of the conversation using your unpredictability, you are in a dominant position.
This is another good trait for a casual romantic partner, from her point of view.
It means that you will sweep her off her feet, transporting her to a world of excitement and adventure.
She will feel safe with you (even though she knows it might be a little dangerous) because you have displayed a dominant, in-control attitude.
If you know you want to attract beautiful women for casual romance, there are a few different approaches you can take that will make you seem like the type they should go for.
I mentioned the cocky funny method, but there are others that work just as well.
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