How to Decorate a Wall to Use as a Headboard

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    • 1). Select 8-by-10-inch picture frames for a king- or queen-sized bed. A smaller bed should have 5-by-7-inch frames.

    • 2). Buy the same frame design for each picture. Match the frames to the wood used for the bedroom furniture or match the frame with the furniture hardware.

    • 3). Choose a mat frame color and use inside each of the frames. Use the same mat color for each frame.

    • 4). Place your selected picture inside the frame. Create a theme with vacation photos, landscapes, or family. A child's headboard can display pictures of their special interests or hobbies.

    • 5). Arrange and space the frames evenly across the width of the bed. Create an arch with the frames or choose a random placement of the pictures.

    • 6). Clean the glass of fingerprints and hang the pictures on the wall.

    Decorative Molding

    • 1). Measure the desired width and height of the headboard and trace the outline on the wall using a pencil.

    • 2). Paint the inside of the area you have traced with a color to complement the walls and bedspread.

    • 3). Select decorative molding from a home improvement center in unfinished wood or a painted finish. Stain or paint the molding. Molding is available with flowers, nautical themes, or leaves, to name only a few of many designs.The width of molding varies from 1 to 2 1/2 inches, depending on the pattern.

    • 4). Use a finishing nail to attach the molding to the studs in the wall. Finishing nails have small heads that will not be noticeable when nailed to the molding.

    • 5). Cover nail heads with wood putty if needed. Sand with fine grit sandpaper to remove roughness. Paint or stain the putty to match the molding.

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