Belly Fat - The Right Way of Losing It and Keeping It Off

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Losing belly fat is a dream of millions of people around the world. Belly fat is one of the most dangerous of all fats because the fat accumulates around your organs. According to Rob Poulos, a fitness author, people are trying to get rid of belly fat all the wrong way. You can succeed in losing your belly fat by a routine of eating fat burning foods and doing a whole body exercise.

These fat burning foods will boost "powerful fat loss hormones" in your body. Studies are showing that we have hormones in our bodies that will burn fat. But because of our eating habits we hinder them. So if you're having trouble losing that belly fat, you may not be the problem, directly. There are fat burning foods that will help you by improving your energy and your immune system, turning your body into a "fat burning furnace." Adding healthy fats to your diet, such as omega 3 and 6, fish (salmon, mackerel, tuna), nuts and olive oil. You can start to lose belly fat naturally.

A whole body exercise will help you lose that belly fat successfully. Walking would be consider a whole body exercise. This exercise will give you energy. You want an exercise that will work your body. When you allow your body to be complacent you are allowing it to become sick. "Moderately paced aerobic exercises" are the worst exercise that you can do, they allow your body to be efficient to a certain point. Our bodies are made to achieve, to heal and to repair. But by forcing your body to achieve you are giving it life.

The diet and fitness industry is a billion dollar business. The people who monetarily benefit from your belly fat do not want you to succeed in losing weight. They make billions of dollars a year selling you very expensive fitness equipment and pre-packaged foods without vegetables, that you still have to buy. If you lost that belly fat and kept it off, the diet and fitness industry would lose a customer. But if you never lose that belly fat they have you forever. An eternal customer making their yacht payments. The diet and fitness industry only sees you has a dollar sign, not a person who is struggling with a weight problem. This is what Rob Poulos believes.

Nothing is easy, you still have to put into practice what you learn. That belly fat is not going to fall off by sitting there watching T.V. programs, with commercials trying to sell you food high in fat. And, all the while, eating food high in fat. The "fat burning furnace" technique will require you to change your routine. You will have to eat the right foods at the right time and exercise. To succeed in anything in life requires effort.

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