Focus on Your Resolve and Desire to Win

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Have you ever watched a scary movie or read a horror story? Werewolves, vampires, mummies- all these characters have one thing in common- they are chasing someone.
As you are on the edge of your seat you find yourself wishing (or yelling at the character like I do) to run faster and stay ahead.
Then they do the ultimate no-no.
They look behind them to see how far ahead they are.
That's when they get eaten.
The same principle applies to the business mindset.
If you keep your eyes ahead of you at all times and stay focused on your goal (a doorway to success) you will stay ahead of your competition- not by running faster, but through focus and determination.
Keep your eyes straight ahead You're driving down the highway, not much going on.
Some music playing and you sing along to one of your favorite songs.
Then you see something- maybe not shiny but just as attractive.
There it sits out in a field to your left.
You stare and try to focus on it.
Before you know it the whole car has found its way into the next lane.
This is because you stopped focusing on the road and focused on something else.
In business, you need to always stay focused on what is ahead.
Turning to the side or stopping to look behind you can not only slow you down, but give others the time necessary to catch up and surpass you.
In order to stay ahead- always keep your eyes straight ahead.
Focus on your goals Goals are the mile markers in life.
They are not the ultimate finish line, but small steps around a never ending race track.
This is why goals are important as they give us something we can see clearly and is reasonably within our grasp.
Always focus on your goals, even if you feel that you may be falling behind, never panic.
Panic causes fear, and fear is an illusion that binds and constricts.
Always remain focused on the straightforward pathway.
The story of the underdog Over time there have been many different stories of the legendary underdogs and their amazing triumphs over colossal legends.
But why is that? Why do these underdogs find their way to the top when the odds seem against them? The reason is simple- determination.
They can see their goal- it is not a distant mirage that always evades them.
They see it and they want it- and the key is to want it more than everyone else in the competition.
This brings up the old story about the Hare and the tortoise.
Though the hare was indeed fast, he lost focus on his goal.
If he had remembered what the race was all about he might have kept going instead of stopping.
The tortoise indeed won, not through speed but through persistence.
Never giving up and never losing sight of the finish line kept him going straight into success.
Whether you are being chased by a scary monster (hopefully not), racing a tortoise or running a business, always keep your mind focused on your goal.
Stopping to look back is a distraction that pulls your focus away from success.
Keep looking forward into a successful future.
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