Social Media - Law Enforcement Uses It

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It is not only individuals, groups and businesses that are using social media.
The law enforcement agencies are too.
And it may not be overt as there is evidence that they are going undercover with false profiles.
This is all very well if it is to catch the scum sex pests and major criminals.
But it seems that they are out to catch us too - or at least to use us to be able to complete their investigations.
Information obtained under The Freedom of Information Act has shown without doubt that officers are gathering private data, images, videos and other information from anybody that may be of help.
How about checking where you were at any particular time by looking at your postings and timelines? Images can reveal what possessions we have and where we might be at any given time.
Gone are the days that we communicated with text alone.
Whilst text is still used extensively there is a growing demand for images, videos and audio which proves to be a valuable asset if you are looking for clues and evidence.
But there is an argument for saying that being undercover in social media is not different (and therefore should be allowed) to the offline world.
It helps to make a better place.
I am all in favor to be honest.
The more criminals that are outed the better.
What I am not so comfortable with, however, is the fact that false profiles and accounts are made by these law enforcement bodies which may try and gather information or even ensnare upright social media users.
That feels wrong although I understand the value of it in catching those committing crime.
The problem is that sooner or later (or even now?) our most private details may be shared with others that we don't know.
Where will it end.
We already know that each and every one of us has huge amounts of data already available to the public eye.
Many social media platforms store data in perpetuity - meaning that even deleted accounts are recoverable although the degree to which the networks allow this data to be accessed varies.
I will be a little more careful what I share in the future (but only a little).
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