How To Get A Six Pack - For Couch Potatoes Only

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OK, so you are definitely a couch potato. Admit it. That's the first step toward taking action.

And, you've already acknowledged that you want to know how to get a six pack. That's a second action step.

You were not born as a couch potato. You did not magically become a couch potato overnight. But, for some time now, you've had thoughts about firming up your body and developing outstanding abs. And, you're at the point you seriously want to know how to get a six pack. So, let's take a realistic look at your ultimate goal and then develop a very simple action plan for reaching that goal.

First, let's take a look at your goal. Do you expect to develop a body that looks like the body builders we've seen on TV, on the Internet, and in books and magazines? Be honest with yourself. Are you able and willing to make the important changes to your lifestyle required to develop an incredible body?

Or do you have a more modest goal of developing your body so that your muscles are simply defined and attractive? While this goal will require changes and perseverance, the changes to your lifestyle will not be as dramatic as the first option.

When articulating your goal, please be honest with yourself. It's important that you have a clear expectation of what your body will look like after you have achieved your goal.

Now, you'll need to develop an action plan. And yes, it will take action on your part to effect ANY kind of change. If you're serious about how to get a six pack, you'll need to be serious about your action plan.

You've already acknowledged that you are a couch potato. The primary action required by you has two parts: 1) get off the couch and 2) no more snacks. So, by simply getting off the couch and putting the snacks away, you've already taken a giant step toward reaching your goal.

Next, you'll need to develop an exercise plan and commit to a reasonable diet. Let's look at each one of these.

You already know that your exercise routine will need to be both well-defined and rigorous in order to achieve your goal. But, maybe you can start with some baby steps. Since you're already off the couch, try doing some exercises while you're still in front of the TV. Hey, there's nothing wrong with watching TV while you exercise! Get on the floor... do some leg lifts, sit ups, jumping jacks, toe touches, push ups... just do something to get moving. That's a reasonable start to your exercise program. It's OK to take several days to define your exercise plan. But, it's not OK to stay on the couch. Get off the couch, get on the floor, and get moving.

If you actually quit snacking, you've already taken an important step toward changing your diet. Like your exercise plan, your diet plan does not have to be some drastic, life-changing event. You simply need to become aware of everything you put into your mouth and practice some moderation until you find a diet plan with which you are comfortable.

So, are you still interested in how to get a six pack? You've admitted you're a couch potato and you have a vision of what you expect your body to look like in the near future. You're moving around in front of the couch instead of sitting on it. And you put the snacks away plus you're aware of everything that goes into your mouth. That's an EXCELLENT start to getting the six pack abs you've been thinking about!

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