The Quick and Easy Way to lose Belly Fat

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What I'm about to share, will make it absolutely possible to shrink belly fat in half the time that it would take you, if you went to a gym. Of course I'm taking for granted that you have no desire to spend half your life in a gym in the first place.

Ok, here is the secret to getting rid of belly fat []. Fat loss only really occurs when you burn extra energy through your muscles. Now this doesn't really happen during normal cardio because your rate of burning is aerobic so your muscles just pick off the energy in your blood stream and at no point is your body going to need to dip into its fat reserves.

We know that normal cardio will not require the use of stored energy but when we increase the pace of exercise, the body will indeed require the use of stored energy known as glycogen. This can be burnt up at an alarming pace during exercise and of course, your body will expect the reserves to be replenished once you're finished.

At this point there isn't enough energy to fund both the replenishment of the muscle glycogen and run your normal body functions, so your body has to dip into its fat stores and start converting fat to energy, and this process can last for up to 40 hours after your exercise, so this type of exercise is certainly the best exercise to shrink belly fat.

It's called interval training, or more specifically, high intensity interval training and its used all over the world get rid of belly fat and for fitness. It was proven in a study by Trembley that it could shrink belly fat nine times faster than conventional aerobic exercise. Another great thing about it is that it turns your body into a fat guzzling supercar.

If you compared yourself to a car, your muscles would be the equivalent of the car's engine. The more performance you demand from a car, the more fuel it uses. Likewise, the higher your metabolism, the more energy your muscles will require. So what has this got to do with high intensity interval training? The answer is that HIIT cause your metabolism to increase and furthermore, if continued, the change in your metabolism becomes permanent. This of course means there won't be any excess energy left over for your body to store away as fat. HIIT really is the quick and easy way to remove belly fat.

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