The Brilliant Story of Non Stick Cookwares

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A kitchen is a chaos which results in a delicious meal, goes a famous saying. So, a kitchen is all about getting the right things, at the right time, all with ease. Over the years, one thing which has defined our development and convenience thoroughly is the concept of multitasking. In terms of kitchens, this multitasking aspect is – modular kitchen concept. Modular kitchen are actually a set of modules of cabinets placed in such a way that working in a kitchen becomes easy.

A kitchen is not a hall, so everything in here has at least one application, hence here. Some aspects of a general kitchen like non stick cookware and kitchen accessories are used so frequently that these are often termed as pillars of a modern working kitchen.

Starting with non stick cookware, the first question is – why non-stick cookware? The reasons have all the shades of convenience as follows:
* Non stick cookware offers the concept of easy cooking due to the fact that it disperses heat uniformly.
* Second advantage, which also is the most talked about is the ease of cleaning, often termed as a child's play. Simple soap and water, no requirement of any technique and cleaning is done. It's that easy!!
* If food is 10, oil is 8, hence in spite of oil being a villain of health, it is also important not only for the taste factor but for proper cooking as well. And non stick cookware actually requires less oil as compared to conventional cookware, so it offers the best of both the worlds.

The most important part in the segment of non stick cookwares is the coating; hence these come in different grades. Following are the common types of non stick cookwares:

* Single layer non stick cookwares
* Dual or double layer of non stick cookwares
* Triple layer of coating
* 4 or more layers of coating

As the layers increase, so does the durability and hence the price. Baked enamel cookware (base – cast iron) is also a popular type of non stick cookware. Some common types of nonstick cookwares include:
* Non stick round pan
* Non stick special fry pan
* Non stick square pan
* Non stick pot without lid
* Pot with lid
* Non stick forged fry pan
* Casserole
* Nonstick entire cookware set

Non stick cookware comes in different shapes and sizes, with a good amount of customization available to cater to the hospitality and catering services. If non stick cookware adds convenience to kitchen activities, then there are a host of kitchen accessories which take this convenience and usefulness level one step further. Talking in the same breadth, commonly used kitchen accessories include:
* Kitchen trolleys
* Kitchen clips
* Carousel units
* A variety of dishes
* Escalator baskets
* Stands and holders
* Tea and coffee accessories
* Baskets
* Chicken slaughterhouse equipment
* Trolleys, baskets and racks
* Kitchen mats

The modern kitchen accommodates a huge scope in fact.
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