How to Teach Your Tongue - Get The Hang Of The English Language

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Like the majority of non-native English speakers, I was not a great verbal communicator when using the global language.
I could expound my ideas well through writing yet whenever I had to do it in speech I always had to subject myself with embarrassing pauses while desperately scanning my brain for the next coherent word to say.
Because of my determination to correct my flaw, I significantly improved.
I will enumerate the practices I carried out for the benefits of those who shared the same fate I had before.
Here is a vital (as it is necessary for your well-being) tip for citizens whose tongues are non-native of the English language: Master your nation's dialect first before you dream of becoming an eminent English communicator.
*Reading English books can widen your vocabulary, improve general knowledge and enhance correct grammar applications.
Make it a habit of reading a book during your free time even for just an hour.
This can be pretty boring to some, thus to help you get hooked into reading, you may choose a book that contains the topic you are fond of.
* Spend half of an hour daily talking in English.
If you are comfortable talking to yourself at all, then you are free to choose this method but avoid doing it in public if you don't want all eyes on you.
Otherwise, you can ask somebody to have a two-way conversation with you.
I have a list of random questions which I am using as tool for this practice.
Check out examples of these queries.
a Describe yourself.
b What is your most vivid childhood memory? Q.
c What is your most significant accomplishment so far? Q.
d Can you cite the difference between job and career? This kind of questions will require you to think and answer creatively.
This will train your mind to process ideas and organize your thoughts.
* Train yourself to think in English.
It requires time to get accustomed to it but if you succeed, your mind will automatically produce the thoughts and you will be amazed at how adept you have become in speaking the language.
* Watch American movies, sitcoms, TV shows, and series regularly.
Try to imitate some lines spoken by the show host or movie characters.
Observe how they pronounce the words and repeat it several times.
The objective is to hone your pronunciation while perfecting your diction.
The outlined tips are simple but to get the desired result, one needs focus and steadfast adherence to execute the routines.
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