How to Make a Webpage in Notepad

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    • 1). Open a new Notepad document. Write the <html> tag at the beginning of the document. Leave some space and end the tag by writing </html> toward the bottom of the document. This tag pair tells Notepad that you are creating a web page and not a text document.

    • 2). Press ":Enter" and write the <head> tag. The head element contains everything that will be at the top of your web page. Underneath the <head> element, write <title> and enter the name of your web page. Close this element with </title>. This title is what will show up at the top of the window when your page is viewed. Skip a line and write </head> to close the head element.

    • 3). Press enter and write the <body> element. This element contains the body of your web page. Write any text you want to go on your web page. To change the font color and size, you can write <font size="4" color="blue"> or whatever number and color you choose. Close your font element with </font> and write your text in between the two tags. If you want the entire text of the web page to have this font size and color, move the end tag to the bottom of the document. You can also choose a font type by expanding the tag to three or whatever font you want to use. An example of a font tag with all three elements is <font face="Arial" size="4" color="blue">.

    • 4). Go to "File, Save As..." Save your document with the name of your web page, and add the .html extension to the add of the name. This will allow your document to be opened as a website instead of a text file.

    • 5). Open your page in a web browser to see how it looks. Open up the document again if you want to add to it or make changes.

    • 6). To add different sized headings to your page, enter header tag pairs. For example, you may have <h1>About Me</h1> to create a section to talk about yourself, and <h2>Contact Information</h2> to tell viewers how they can contact you.

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