Money Making Ideas That Work - Can You Make Money By Selling Affiliate Products?

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If you're looking for money making ideas that work, you've probably stumbled upon the concept 'affiliate marketing'.
You might be wondering: Does it really work? Q: Why did you start with affiliate marketing? A: He, he, I was forced to, more or less.
In 2000, my family and I moved from Denmark to France, and I soon discovered that my school French wasn't enough to land me a job.
A short while earlier, we'd started to use an email client, we were really happy with, and we told our Danish students about it, and they wanted it, too.
So we contacted the programmers and started as re-sellers, and in that way, I was able to make money, even though I didn't speak the language of the country, I lived in, very well.
Q: What's the advantages of selling affiliate products? A: One of the biggest is that you don't have to create your own product.
And with that, everything that goes with creating your own product, such as sales page, customer support, squeeze page, etc.
You only had to find good products to promote, and send people to the product owner's sales page.
They take care of the rest.
And you make money in the process.
Q: How big are the commissions? What should I expect? A: Commissions go from around 3% to 100%.
How much, depends upon the product and the vendor.
Hardware, for instance, typically has a much lower percentage than info materials, or software.
Q: How do I get paid? A: That depends on the product owner.
Some will pay you right away and directly to your PayPal account.
If they use portals like ClickBank, you'll get paid after 60 days, when you meet the minimum amount that's required.
They will either pay you per check, or directly to your bank account.
Q: Do I run any risks? A: Of course, there's always the risk that the vendor doesn't pay your share.
However, this happens very rarely.
In the more than 10 years, I've been working with affiliate programmes (started with Amazon in 1996), I've only got cheated once.
A much higher risk is that you choose a poor product, and your buyers ask for refunds.
This means that they will not trust you, if you recommend something worthless, and it also means that you make less money.
Q: Is it hard to get started? A: No, not that hard.
I recommend that you know the products, you promote.
That way, you can easily write a review about them, and add your affiliate link in the end.
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