Did the Russian Bomber Circling the US Aircraft Carrier Have the Father of All Bombs Aboard?

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Not long ago a Russian Bomber was circling a US Carrier in a cat and mouse game similar the cold-war decades ago.
Let me explain, there were two-bombers one circling closely near the carrier within its safety zone.
The other was quite a bit of miles away, perhaps out of the blast zone of a "FOB" or Father of All Bombs.
The way that the FOB works is that it uses incendiary particles through dispersion process (first aircraft - to be sacrificed) and then a missile is sent in from afar, which could either be from the second aircraft by way of air-to-air missile or by the challenging force firing at the first aircraft, which would have already unloaded its cargo of incendiary particles and be filled with fuel to really get the fire started so to speak.
Was this a test to see how far the Russians could push without being shot at? Were those aircraft prepared to launch an FOB attack - Dispersion, Ignition and Implosion? Could have been, that's what a recent think tank discussion came up with.
It is for this reason that a carrier group must in the future maintain its barriers and fire upon and destroy anything that enters there comfort zones.
We cannot risk a carrier or its crew.
The FOB although a non-nuclear weapon, is just a powerful, even more so.
Perhaps it is time for a defensive demonstration, next time our US military is pushed.
Obliterating an unfriendly or uninvited target that comes within the comfort safety zone of the fleet is unacceptable.
Consider this in 2008.
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