What Clothes To Wear For Your Body Type Part Four - Styles For The Triangle

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The triangle figure is composed of thinner shoulders and wider hips.
Generally this shape is bottom heavy, yet as with all shapes some are more petite than others.
Having a triangle body type, you already curve at your bottom half, the key is to add curve to your top half and find clothing that will flatter your shape.
As with all body types, there are clothing styles that are perfect for you, and ones to shy away from.
Use this guide I have made to determine what styles are right for you.
Tops and Jackets: Wearing tops and jackets that cinch at your waist will give an all-around thinner appearance.
Medium to high neck lines are great for you.
Tops that hug your body show off your thinner torso.
Though not commonly thought of, try wearing shoulder pads, even if they are small, to broaden your shoulders.
A funnel-shaped coat or a coat that ties at the waist are perfect for you.
Try to avoid tops that wrap around your waist and cross over your chest for then can make you look smaller up top than you are.
Dresses and Skirts: A-line skirts and flowing skirts are the perfect fit for you for they elegantly show your bottom half curves, yet do not emphasize them.
Try not to wear fitted skirts, but rather straight or flared ones.
Open pleated skirts will cause you to look larger than you are.
A tip in giving the appearance of a slender lower half is vertical patterns and lines along with dark colors.
Wearing dresses that cinch at the waist and flow through the waist line are an excellent look for you.
Dresses that also are strapless accentuate your thin shoulders.
Straight button dresses are not your best friends for they will give the appearance of larger hips than you have.
Pants and Belts: Pants that are straight or slightly flared are the best look for you for they balance out your lower half.
On the flip side tight and skinny jeans are not your best friends.
Try to avoid pants that have designs or patterns at the hips and tapered pants for they draw attention to your hips rather than balancing your figure.
Wide leg trousers and pants that are flat in front with no side pockets will look great on you as well.
Belts that are fastened around the thinnest part of your waist are great on every body shape for they show your curves and giving a slender appearance.
Other Facts: Try to avoid stiff and bulky fabrics but rather choose soft and flowing.
Straight winter boots are a fashionable look that are great for you, yet stay away from ankle wrap heels.
Wearing jewelry and embellishments that draw your eye upward are the perfect finishing touch to any and every outfit.
A common mistake for woman with the triangle figure it that they emphasize their hips too much and do not emphasize their upper half enough.
Balance is the key to finding the perfect outfits that are great for you and your body type.
Do not be afraid to show the curve you have and to create curvature to achieve balance.
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