Please Your Man Orally - 3 Fellatio Tips That Will Drive Him Wild

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To please your man orally is not hard, you just need a few fellatio tricks to spice things up.
The purpose of this article is to show three very simple things that when applied to fellatio can make the difference between a good blow job and the best ever blow job.
Here are three fellatio tricks that will drive your guy wild in bed.
Worship him.
A great way to please your man orally is to suck his penis while you are on your knees and he is standing up.
This will act out his fantasy that you are his minion on your knees to worship him.
This is most mens favourite fellatio position for the reason above but also because he can put his hand on your head and get a real power rush as you kneel before him.
Look at him.
This is possibly the simplest yet most effective fellatio trick to please your man orally.
Just look up into his eyes while you suck, that's it.
For some reason this drives guys crazy and can make them ejaculate in mere seconds.
Don't hold the glance for to long just a few seconds at a time is more than enough.
Do a tip tease.
The tip of a mans penis is super sensitive and you can exploit this to take fellatio to another level.
Alternate between sucking his penis and licking and tongue flicking the tip of it.
Try using the tip of your tongue to lick all the way round the "head" of his manhood, this will blow his mind.
Those ways to please your man orally all work a treat but use them all in one fellatio session and he will never ever forget it.
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