Measures To Prominently Address Counterfeit Issues

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The counterfeit industry is expanding rapidly causing many ill-effects to the genuine businesses. They exploit sensitive and confidential information that they have illegally procured such as copyrights and patents, rendering massive impacts on genuine companies such as revenue losses and reputation damage. The companies that suffer are at a loss to address these counterfeit issues as they do not have the knowledge or the expertise to impose appropriate actions. The counterfeiters gain confidence and openly sell their fake goods through popular online auctioning sites such as ebay and amazon.

In order to stop these malicious elements from causing further panic and destruction the original companies have to implement a clever strategy that can help them to identify the perpetrators easily and understand their mode of operation. The deployment of anti-counterfeiting solutions that produce compelling results is the safest and best route to a risk-free business environment. These solutions display intelligent and strategic capabilities by monitoring the online auctioning sites 24x7 and keeping a track of the seller listings.

If any seller demonstrates any kind of suspicious behavior such as high sales volumes, low prices and bulk discounts the solutions identify them as potential targets. Once the counterfeiters are identified they are automatically ranked as per their level of risk. The solutions are extremely flexible and they provide real-time online reports through various options such as quantity, product and time.

This helps genuine businesses to save their invaluable assets and operations by implementing corrective measures without any delays. The solutions also runs ad-hoc analysis based on different metrics such as region, time and company, conducts audits and maintains exhaustive audit trails. Every screenshot is captured for use in the future when prosecuting the violators. The solutions immediately generate automatic C&D letters and help to shutdown the auctions where spurious transactions are on.

Quick and accurate counterfeit detection and deployment of effective law enforcements is what is required to help a business operate normally without any threats. New Momentums solutions are equipped with capabilities that deliver promising results and help businesses preserve their brands. The solutions are affordable and do not cause any imbalance in the budget. Their comprehensive investigation processes provide the original companies with overall online brand protection by imposing stringent measures.

The solutions provided are customized based on the requirements and objectives of the business, thus leading to optimum results. The anti-counterfeiting solutions deploy effective and mature practices that help build a competent operation.

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