Prefabricated Houses in NSW

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What are Prefabricated Homes?

Actually, prefabricated homes are built on-site in factories and then transported to their permanent location. The fact that these houses can be built in separate parts, makes them easier to assemble and transport. Perhaps, it is the speed of construction, low cost, flexibility of design and environment friendly structure, which is the driving force behind current demands.


The concept of prefabricated housing dates back a century when temporary housing structures were erected to provide shelters to large colonies of soldiers and mine workers. At the time, construction technology had not advanced to a degree where such housing options could be offered to general public. Hence, the notion of modular homes and temporary unstable structure is still imbedded in people's mind. Unfortunately, some people compare prefabricated housing with mobile homes.

Modern & Powerful Structures

It took quiet a while for technology to advance to a degree where people started believing in the futuristic construction building techniques of pre fabricated homes. Now, experts believe that prefabricated and modular housing may provide the best solution for future house construction. Such is the compactness of construction that only trained eyes can distinguish between a fabricated and a typical home.

Prefabricated houses are designed to be stronger than typical construction. Such regulations as replacing nails with screws and adding glue to joints add to the strength of these structures. In 1992, the Federal Emergency Management Agency evaluated the destruction caused by Hurricane Andrew in Florida and found that prefabricated houses fared better than other types of construction. Among other factors, robustness of modern prefabricated housing can also be attributed to using 10% to 20% more lumber.


Here are just a few advantages of these structures:

The price is the decisive factor in opting for such a house. The final cost may be twice less than a traditional home.

The weather and delivery of material does not effect the construction because assembly takes place in controlled on-site premises.

Tested under strict factory conditions, prefabricated homes have highest quality control over pest infestations, fittings and structure strength.

These types of constructions use lightweight material that does not leave a huge carbon footprint. Owners can easily equip environmental friendly products such as solar power and other energy saving appliances.

NSW Market

In New South Wales, pre-fabricated housing is increasingly becoming popular due to high construction costs associated with contemporary building structures. Likewise, moderate weather conditions allow owners to utilize environmental features to their full extent. Since Australia is also the home of the first prefabricated housing in the world, existing laws have extensive regulations to assist in such developments. Presently, the real house prices in the region are lower than previous years, which is yet another reason to construct your new home.
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