Children Learn Rainwater Harvesting

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When teaching our kids to be Eco-conservative, it is important to make it fun.
Rainwater harvesting can be a really fun project for any kid, any age.
Our future generations need to learn to respect and preserve the resources that we have.
We only have so much safe drinking water available, and that supply is shrinking.
Teaching children the art of collecting and using rain water around the house will help conserve water, and teach many important lessons.
There are many ways the collected rainwater can be used.
Of course, you should not drink it without first filtering.
But rainwater can be perfect for; flushing toilets, watering plants, washing the dishes, and even the laundry.
Have each person participating make a list of other ways that rainwater could be used to save water.
Collect all the ideas and use them once there is enough water collected.
Next, you will need a way to capture the water.
There are many products available and can be as simple as a water tight barrel, or a complete rainwater collecting kit that can be purchased online, or a local home improvement store.
There are quite a few to choose from in a wide price range, so this is a project that doesn't have to be very expensive.
Once you have a way to collect that rainwater, how about some fun ways to transport it.
Simply use play buckets you may already have, or purchase some new ones and let the kids decorate them.
Make sure each kid has their own bucket.
This will help make it more personal.
Now, put their ideas they had for using the rainwater collected.
Split the many ways between the family.
Put each one in charge of different water tasks.
Example: the oldest and strongest could gather water for large projects and the younger, smaller ones get the smaller jobs.
Have some fun with it, let them use that rainwater for water play, filling up squirt guns, or water balloons and they are really playing in the rain! Use it as a math teaching tool as well.
Have the kids track how much water is saved by using their rainwater.
There are many lessons that can be learned from conserving valuable resources.
I doesn't matter how you collect and use the rainwater, The important thing is to teach our children to conserve what we have for their future.
After all, nothing can live without water.
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