Random Thoughts on Your Car Insurance Quote

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We all have to have liability insurance if we intend to drive in forty seven of the fifty states.
It is a fact of life and when you get your auto insurance quote, that will probably be the first item listed.
Since this is often the most expensive you will need to know what it means.
The auto insurance quote will list it as three numbers separated by "/", i.
The first number is the amount of coverage you have for personal injury on one person in an accident.
The second number is the total coverage for all the passengers and the last number is the amount of coverage you have for personal property damage.
It is usually advisable to raise the coverage above the minimum established by your state.
The biggest expense is the initial coverage so adding additional coverage can be done at a savings.
Comprehensive and Collision Insurance are the two that are designed to cover damage to your car.
For a new car it is almost mandatory to have it included in your car insurance quote.
For an older car compare the cost of the insurance to what it would cost to replace the car.
Emotional attachments aside it may be cheaper to sell the car for junk than to continue to insure it.
Your car insurance quote can be reduced by increasing the amount of your deductible on these policies.
The higher the deductible the lower the premium but the more out of pocket expense you will have in the case of an accident.
Have you ever considered how you would get around after an accident while waiting for your car to be repaired or replaced? One item that can be added to your car insurance quote is for a rental car.
You will still need to get to work and will need a car to do it.
Compare the car insurance quote to the price per week to rent a car and see if it would be worth it to you.
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