Why Do I Have More Pimples Today Than Back in My Adolescent Days?

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Why do we also have acne as adults? The first thing you think of when you hear acne is a 14 year old with a sheer endless amount of spots and blemishes on his face.
We picture the awkward teenager going through physical changes as he moves from childhood to adulthood.
Although the main part of people that suffer from acne are teenagers a significant number of adults that suffer from acne as well.
If you are a grownup and you suffer from acne, you have Adult Acne.
But this skin illness may occur at any age.
Your acne problem counts as a case of adult acne when you are between twenty and fifty.
Adult Acne possibly could be caused by quite a number of numerous reasons, but cases often relate to stress and medication as fundamental causes.
Many people mistakenly say that stress causes acne because people with high-stress levels can oftentimes break out in spots.
Just to let you know: stress is not the key reason for acne, quite often it is wrong medication, that causes adults acne.
Doctors are not sure exactly what about the medication causes acne to break out but frequently prescribe additional medication to cure the acne.
Adult women are often known to suffer from an attack of acne when they quit using oral contraceptives.
When you stop using the pill, it comes to a massive hormonal variation in your body.
Studies have shown, that the hormones in your body and the performance of your skin are tightly connected.
Every pimple that appears on your skin is a hint, that there are changes in your body internal hormone levels.
Your two ovaries produce the estrogens and testosterones for you.
Testosterone is a male hormone.
Although it is normal that it is present in the female body, estrogen should at all times be in higher concentrations than testosterone.
When there is more testosterone than estrogen, it can cause issues.
Your skin is under direct influence of the hormone levels of your body.
To make it plain: if there is an equal balance between androgen and estrogen everything is alright.
Whenever one hormone level is higher than the other it causes complications you can see on your skin as acne.
That is exactly why most women find their acne appearing and re-appearing when they have their periods.
A hormone therapy is a really normal way to fix the unbalanced hormonal levels in your body.
A hormone therapy helps preventing acne outbreaks by decreasing the male hormone levels and therefore stopping the oil glands in your skin from producing more sebum oil.
The oil is exactly the thing that the P.
acne's bacteria use to cause acne.
Hormone therapy is proven to work very well that way.
But there are other equally effective treatment options as well.
It is a good thing to acquaint yourself with numerous treatment options, the more you know, the better for you.
Not all types of acne are caused by inappropriate washing or an unbalanced dieting.
Researchers have found that hormones affect the skin and the development of acne.
To get your acne treated, it is the best thing to visit a doctor how can prescribe you the right therapy for your condition.
There are loads of over the counter drugs and treatments, only try to use these after consulting a medical professional.
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