Teenagers" Sleeping Habits

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It is almost a rite of passage for teenagers to burn the candle at both ends as they grow.
Studies are starting to show that the lack of sleep is affecting them, in driving, and lifestyle choices such as smoking and fast foods.
The sleep disorders that affect them are a culmination of the lives they lead trying to fit studying, partying and the influences of the media such as television and computers.
The current trends of takeouts and junk food add to the stress, which then of course leads to smoking, drinking and drugs.
The lack of a healthy diet also affecting their sleep.
People and animals are wired in such a way that sleep is a requisite to a healthy life.
The quality of that sleep is also essential, and will not be achieved by current lifestyles either of the teenagers or adults.
Insomnia occurs because of medical problems, or psychological problems of which stress, depression are part.
It is well known that cognitive performance declines after only a few hours quality sleep is so it stands to reason that not only are they at risk when drink-driving but also in the normal course of events they are too tired to drive safely.
The amount of sleep required by individuals varies but the generally accepted rule is approximately 8 hours for an adult, for teenagers it is more likely that they need nine hours or more a day.
Obviously there will be gender and cultural influences affecting sleep patterns, so there is no hard and fast rule.
Parents can only set the example and hope that their offspring are fast learners.
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