How to Recover a Patio Cushion

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    • 1). Decide on the type of outdoor design you want with your new fabric. Bold colors and patterns can make interesting decorating focal points, but muted colors will blend in with the rest of the yard. Use some of the design elements of your home in your yard to compliment the rest of the home's decor.

    • 2). Measure your patio cushions for purchasing fabric. Make sure that the fabric you use is able to survive the outdoors. It should be labeled as outdoor fabric and indicate that it is waterproof.

    • 3). Lay your patio cushions on butcher paper or newspaper. Make a pattern by drawing around the entire cushion onto the paper. Cut out the pattern on the paper with scissors. Fold your fabric in half so that it is horizontal. Place your pattern over your new fabric.

    • 4). Pin the cut paper pattern to your new fabric and cut through the two pieces with fabric scissors into the correct shape. By folding the fabric together, both pieces with be the exact same size.

    • 5). Pin the pieces together inside out. Either hand sew them together or use a sewing machine. Use a thread color that will not show up against the fabric. Leave one of the sides unsewn to place the patio cushion in the new fabric.

    • 6). Place your hand in the fabric and pull out the fabric so it is right-side out. Push the cushion in the new cover. Pin the side that hasn't been sewn and sew the patio cushion up.

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