How to Convert a Tape to a CD Using Audacity

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    • 1). Cue up your tape to the point where you want to start recording.

    • 2). Hook up your tape player to your computer. Insert one end of the patch cord into the tape player's headphone jack and insert the other into the input jack of your computer. This jack may be shared with the microphone jack and marked with an image of a microphone or labeled "Line In".

    • 3). Open a new sound file in Audacity. This will happen automatically when you open the program, or you can use the "File" menu and select "New" if you already have a file open.

    • 4). Set the sound file to record from the jack rather than a microphone, if your inputs are separate. Use the drop-down bar in the upper right hand area (not quite the corner) of the display and set it to "Line In." (If your computer has only one jack, this drop-down bar will be inaccessible).

    • 5). Record the songs or segments of the audio recording. Start the Audacity file recording first by clicking on the round, red recording button. Start the tape after doing this. Stop the Audacity file, then stop the tape, at the point where you want the track to end.

    • 6). Edit and save each file. Remove noise at the beginning and end of the file by highlighting just the part of the WAV form you want, then selecting "Trim" from the "Edit" menu. Save the file as an MP3 by selecting "Export as MP3" from the "File" menu. Save all the files in the same folder to make them easier to find later.

    • 7). Burn the files to CD. Use CD burning software to burn a CD using the files you've created.

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