Types of Lightning Protection

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    Berkley Lightning Rods

    • The Berkley Lightning Rods are used on boats and withstands lightning strikes in saltwater and freshwater. Made from graphite material and coated with titanium, these light rods cost $39 at Bass Pro Shops.

    Weather Vanes

    • Weather vanes made of copper look like animals such as horses and roosters on top of directions. People install them on top of residential structures and barns. These lightning protection devices start at $129.

    Cisco Surge Protection Cable Surge Suppressor

    • Surge protection cables work by protecting home electronics from lightning flashes. They prevent televisions from getting damaged and protect computers from losing important data just by plugging the device into the wall. Cisco Surge Protection cables cost between $56 and $64.

    Surge Arrestors

    • Individuals interested in surge arrestors install these types of lightning protection devices if they want added safety. A surge arrestor kit includes an arrestor and grounding wire. An outdoor arrestor kit works with wireless devices and outdoor cables and underground wires. The Trendnet TEW-ASAK Outdoor Surge Arrestor Kit costs around $29.

    Ditek Total Surge Solutions DTK-6GTP

    • This form of lightning protection includes six outlets, a retention screw and a ground termination point. The wall mount can protect up to six electrical devices. It costs about $45.

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