Procedures Abroad: Knee Replacement in Mexico

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You may consider knee replacement in Mexico if you have a stiff, painful knee ant it has become difficult to perform even the simplest of activities. When other treatments are no longer working, you may find the procedure in Mexico as quality and cost-effective. What follows is a short explanation as to why choose knee replacement in Mexico.

Knee Replacement Surgery in Mexico

This is generally reserved for people over the age of 50 with severe osteoarthritis. But there are options to reduce pain. Minimally invasive surgery, now available knee replacement in Mexico, has revolutionized this field. Specialized techniques and instruments are used to enable the surgeon to perform major surgery with a small incision.

Minimally invasive knee joint replacement in Mexico results in less tissue damage and less pain, shorter recovery time and better motion due to less scar tissue.

Recovery from Knee Replacement in Mexico

The vast majority of people who undergo knee replacement in Mexico have dramatic improvement, mostly notable one month or more after surgery.  

At first, you may walk with the help of bars, and then a walking device (crutches, walker, or cane) until your knee supports your full body weight. After about six weeks, most people are walking comfortably with minimal assistance. Once muscle strength is restored, with knee replacement surgery you can enjoy most activities. Remember that no 1 is exercise. Regular and healthy diet is also an important issue for the recovery from knee replacement in Mexico, as the weight issue is crucial for the new knee. A good weight control plan will be established by your surgeon, so that the implant will last as long as it can and the exercises that most patients will do will be more or less familiar, as most used to do before.

The specialist will always recommend to avoid high impact exercises (like jumping and running), but still the designs of the new knee is aimed to be able to reintegrate the patient to their regular activities. With knee replacement in Mexico, there have been advances in this issue. A patient will come to do his or her exercises and their physical activity, being very close to what they were used to doing. Yet the recommendation is to avoid high impact sports on their knee and their hip as well.

Here, with knee replacement in Mexico is the same as in any high-class facility in the world:  sutures come off in 2-3 weeks, exercise rehab program starts quickly to regain motion in hip replacement or knee replacement. Generally, in three months' time the post operative the patient is feeling more or less natural, meaning that he doesn't observe any difference in his knee or hip with the joint replacement. They are free of pain and they can do their regular activities.  

With cutting edge technology available not only for knee replacement in Mexico, highly skilled surgeons and affordable treatment cost, people worldwide have an easier way to get here. They visit Mexico for plastic surgeries, bariatric surgeries, dental implants, orthopedic surgeries and other medical treatments.

Contact us to learn more about knee replacement in Mexico and other affordable treatments abroad. 
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