How to Petition for a Minor's Name Change

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    • 1). Go to your local county courthouse and request a Petition for Name Change from the clerk of court. Depending upon the state in which you file, you may also need to fill out an Order to Show Cause and Decree Changing Name. Make copies in triplicate and file with the clerk of court.

    • 2). Provide proof of the reason for the name change, if you're changing the child's name for reason of marriage, divorce, or adoption. Bring copies of marriage or divorce certificates, or the finalized adoption papers. The clerk of court will provide you with a court date to come before the judge.

    • 3). Have the Order to Show Cause published in the local newspapers to act as a public announcement of the name change. Depending on where you live, you will need to have this published for four weeks or longer prior to the court date.

    • 4). Bring to court the Decree Changing Name as well as proof that you had the Order to Show Cause published in the newspaper. The judge will approve the name change at this point, or present any concerns at your choice of name change, if warranted.

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