How to Create a Body Piercing Job

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    • 1). Talk with local tattoo parlors and piercing businesses. Ask them if they are having problems keeping up with demand and if they are interested in possibly expanding their staff. Have your resume readily available.

    • 2). Ask the local tattoo parlor and piercing businesses if they would like to keep a piercer on call when one of their normal staff members is sick or on vacation. This can get you work as a substitute piercer at the business and acts as a long-term work interview so that you will be considered for full-time employment if a piercer quits or is fired.

    • 3). Find out how many piercers each tattoo parlor and piercing studio employs. Use this information to help convince other tattoo parlors and piercing studios that do not have as many piercers that they need more piercers on staff in order to compete.

    • 4). Pay attention to trends and seasons. This is especially helpful if you live in a tourist town. If it is close to the high season when tourists are everywhere, try to sell yourself to the tattoo parlor or piercing business as a temporary employee for this season. This sometimes leads to a full-time position.

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