How to Shave With Acne

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I want to teach you how to shave with acne because I realize that it's difficult and sometimes even painful.
With that being said, some of the following techniques and tips should help you cope with shaving with acne Shaving with Acne Tips
  • Don't shave over your acne.
  • Never try to shave off your acne.
  • Try using an electric razor instead of a razor blade to ease skin irritation.
Don't shave over your acne.
Shaving over your acne can actually irritate the skin causing more breakouts.
Because of this, it's best to avoid shaving over your acne altogether if that's at all possible.
If you can't avoid shaving over your acne be sure to be gentle and light.
Never try to shave off your acne.
Attempting to shave off your acne will really only make things worse.
Again, you want to avoid shaving over your acne altogether.
However, if that's not possible be sure to shave lightly over your skin.
Do not press down hard on your shaver.
Try using an electric razor instead of a razor blade Try using an electric razor to ease skin irritation.
Regular shaver blades require some sort of lotion that you have to put on your skin before shaving.
This just adds another factor to the problem making it even more difficult to clear your acne Shaving with Acne.
Overall, shaving with acne can really be a pain.
However, if you learn how to shave correctly and you follow all of the tips above, shaving with acne will be a lot less difficult.
Final Thoughts.
One of the best tips that I can give you is to shave before you apply your acne medicine.
This tip took me a long time to get down.
I used to apply my topical acne treatment before shaving, but this never worked.
My skin would always end up more irritated then not.
Now, I shave before I shower, and before I apply my acne treatment.
This is what works best for me.
One final thing you can try doing is shaving at night.
Again, just be sure to shave before applying your acne treatment.
From personal experience, I know that getting rid of acne isn't always the easiest thing to do.
If you use an electric razor, you're going to greatly decrease your chance of breakouts.
Next to that, never try to get rid of your acne with an electric razor, or any other kind of razor.
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