Financial Results a Pointer to Success of Stem Cell Program

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Celle is wholly owned by Cryo-Cell International Inc, the leader in stem cell technology. While Cryo-Cell forcuses on umbilical cord blood collection, Celle works to collect menstrual blood. Umbilical cord blood is today considered as a rich source of stem cells. Celle is exploring and working to collect stem cells from menstrual blood. The technique is to isolate menstrual blood and separate stem cells, which are stored in liquid nitrogen for future use. That this technology of stem cells as a therapeutic treatment option in various life threatening diseases is taking off is reflected in the financial workings of the company.

According to Mercedes A Walton, Chairman and CEO of Cryo-Cell, the company has progressively made profits for ten quarters right to the quarter of March 2011. The rising trend started in 2009 and present indications are that it will steadily keep climbing up as revenues fuel research that fuels further growth in stem cell transplantation techniques and treatments. According to him the share prices have doubled and the future holds a lot of promise.

How promising the future is can be gleaned from the fact that the company, as on 31st May 2011, had a cash reserve of $ 9.3 million, a 15% increase over its $ 8.1 million cash figures for 2010. In its favor is that it has no long term debt. Share price stands at $ 3.67 compared to $ 1.25 at the end of the second quarter 2010—a whopping 194% increase.

That the company is making intense efforts in stem cell research and marketing can be seen from the fact that while sales increased net income was comparatively lower at $ 177000, influenced by higher expenses and investment pointed at future growth and expansion in various other countries.

The company holds a lead in technology as can be seen from the licensee income that stood at $ 290000 in royalty for the three months ended 31 May 2011. The company has global operations spreading from Nicaragua at one end to Germany at the other end and it is expanding to Asian countries too. Gross revenues at the second quarter of 2011 approximated $ 4.6 million. Revenues climbed to $ 4.3 million from processing and storage.

Celle is a part of the company's overall operations, specifically into menstrual blood collection and deriving stem cells from menstrual blood—a hugely promising renewal source of stem cells.
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