Homeopathic Remedies for Trigger Finger

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    Physical Remedies

    • You can treat nonserious trigger-finger conditions through several homeopathic methods. The Mayo Clinic recommends several effective methods for minor cases. Try resting the hand and reduce any activities that require repeated gripping. A splint may prevent your finger from curling but may also stiffen it and cause it to lose mobility. You can soak the finger (or hand) in warm water, which helps to prevent the finger from catching. Massage can also reduce the pain but will not do much to alleviate inflammation.

    Nutritional Remedies

    • Medical forums on earthclinic.com suggest that vitamin and mineral deficiencies can lead to a damaged or unhealthy myelin sheath. Keep in mind that scientific studies have not substantiated these homeopathic approaches to trigger finger. Those who advocate vitamin supplements to reduce the frequency and severity of trigger finger on this site suggest that a vitamin B complex, magnesium and iodine can help the condition because these minerals help fibrosis, a condition that affects myelin. Another entry on the forum recommends avoiding consuming citrus juice, which can cause a finger to lock up. Consult your doctor prior to starting any new treatment.

    Medical Approach

    • If your condition is severe and homeopathic remedies fail to work, seek the advice of your doctor about medication and procedures aimed at alleviating the pain and releasing the finger. According to the Mayo Clinic, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications can alleviate pain and reduce swelling in the area, which may be enough to release the constriction on the tendon. If medication does not work, your doctor may prescribe a corticosteroid shot to reduce inflammation on the sheath. As a last resort prior to surgery, your doctor may perform a percutaneous trigger finger release, wherein she administers local anesthesia and uses a needle to release the finger.

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