Home Remedy to Stop Sweating - Can it Be Done?

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Are you tired of having no control of your sweating? Is it starting to damage your social life and career? If so you may be able to end these problems with a home remedy to stop sweating.
What is a home remedy you ask? At its most basic level a home remedy is just a cure for an ailment that you can do at home or at least you can achieve through natural and local goods that you can then work with in your own home.
When it comes to stopping sweating this is quite possible through a number of methods.
Diet - Changes in what you eat can benefit you greatly.
By cutting down on certain items that cause a flare up in sweating you can help control this problem.
Curries, chili and even coffee may be something you need to limit.
Also adding certain foods to your diet you can actually make your sweat glands less active! Exercise - Certain exercises can help with regulating sweat production with just a few minutes a day of work.
This is not just about losing some pounds either.
Losing with will help but other exercises can be targeted just at sweat.
Herbal - You can also make your own concoctions from products you can by at any supermarket that can work much better than antiperspirants too.
Using a home remedy to stop sweating means you can end the constant embarrassment of wet armpits and damp smelly clothes while avoiding harsher solutions such as surgery or more far out ideas like hypnotism.
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