Personal Reflections On Images Of Jesus

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Jesus has helped countless people find inspiration and love through His message. Having pictures of Jesus in your home reminds you of his presence bringing comfort in Him at times you might need it. More than words, a picture contains thousands. The great thing about art, especially when it is of such a loved and recognized figure, is the variety of what is out there. Whether it is traditional and highly realistic or more imaginative, art is truly a grand part of life, one reason we breath, and does something unexplainable for your soul. A man once said that the soul is at one of its highest forms of existence when beholding great art. As all creation is art, all we must do is see it- see christ.
There are so many wonderful posters of Jesus, in addition to the clich famous works that come to mind. Some take a more modern approach to the design to give it a current feel without sacrificing the strength of his image. An example of this is the poster of his face created entirely out of words related to him. They can fill you with a sense of his love and helps us meditate upon His sacrifice. When you view it, you are not only seeing a reflection of what He represents, you are also reminded of everything he has done.
Some pictures of Jesus are not what you would expect at all. The Book of Revelation: A Graphic Novel gives you the famous story in striking images. While the story has remained the same, this the added view in art gives you new eyes, in a sense, for the story, one that is incredibly difficult to imagine. The detail and power behind each page is truly magnificent, along with the choices for the coloring. It helps the young and old alike to find a new and deeper appreciation for what happened, while also finding enjoyment in what is being read.
Looking upon Him, we might wonder what if He had never come. Knowing His love and His message, we know it could have never been, but what if. Then we are brought to greater depths of gratitude. Meditating on His reality and thinking on the world we must face daily, by His picture we find new appreciation for all men made in His image. We might more often, wonder.
Pictures of Jesus stir us to more consistent adoration of the only One worthy of this type of attention, this type of reflection. Not only do they make for beautiful additions to the home, but they help deepen our worship.
Emmanuel Jauregui
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