Swarm Suicide Decoy Scouts to Take Incoming Fire

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We all know that in the last decade or so that military war planners and war gamers have considered swarm theory as a primary strategy to overwhelm an enemy.
In fact Mainland Red-China considers a barrage of missiles the best way to defeat Taiwan if war ever breaks out.
North Korea has 250,000 rounds ready at all times to send into South Korea and thus can yield its political muscle to get its way.
Insects which are so very small, but highly evolved fighting machines have been using swarming tactics to protect their hives for millions of years.
Killer Bees for instance can take down a large mammal in minutes by confusing it and overwhelming it.
It either runs away or the predator becomes the prey.
Unless the larger predator has a plan of attack, which includes fast moving stealthy attack, it is of little match for the swarming defense systems.
In other words a human with a big stick could run down the hill and hit the hive knocking it free and continue running away with only minor stinging.
Thus winning round one.
In modern warfare where a human army or robotic weaponry uses offensive swarming tactics, it makes sense as a defensive maneuver to attack the center mass of the swarm to kill the most number of units fastest.
Yet, if the swarming aggressor is smart it will have pre-single aggressors already attacking the main defense systems, with small distracting tactics and fire.
Additionally in robotic warfare the aggressing army will wish to have suicide drones to take incoming flack or ordinance ahead of the main swarm in order to prevent disruption of the swarm.
In other words virtual grid defense of the forward path and using strategies of flying into the incoming barrage of fire power as it comes in The swarm can then continue its attack as the main body thrusts to over whelm the victim, prey or enemy.
Consider this in 2006.
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