It"s About Them

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Whatever business you happen to be in online, remember, it's about them!

What is your business going to give to them?

Them, that's the visitors who come to your site. They are looking for something. They have a need, a problem or a want. What are you going to give them? This is what they want to know.

Don't tell them about you unless you can spin an enticing story about yourself as being in their place and feeling their need or pain and turn it to show how you can fulfill their needs and wants.

We are all self centered to one degree or another and want to know just what is in it for us. Think of that when you are dealing with your visitors.

Whatever it is that you sell on the internet, you need to get across what it will do for them. If you sell model sl--25 blue widgets, you need to convey what it will do for them. Listing features is something that you need to do, but even more than that you need to convey how those features will fulfill their needs.

This boils down to feelings or emotions. Think about this. How many people buy a new car because they really need a new car? Do they buy it because it really is not functional and safe to drive anymore?

Actually, I think if you could run a survey, and get honest answers you would find that the answers would surprise you. Many people buy a new car because they are thinking how proud they will feel when it is parked out front. Or how proud they will feel when their friends and co-workers see them driving a new Z-whatever.

It's all about feelings and emotions. I recently replaced my kitchen range. While I was at it, I also got a combination microwave and exhaust fan to mount above the range. I did not need that microwave. I had a perfectly good recent model microwave sitting on my counter. But I knew how good I would feel when I looked at my new range and the matching microwave hanging above it. Pride of ownership.

By all means, list features, but tell them what the features will do for them. They will make something easy. They will provide enjoyment. They will free up time to do things that are more fun. They will delight their eyes. They will make them the envy of all their friends.

Help them feel the benefit.
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