The Rules Of Online Bingo

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If you have every visited an online bingo site then you will already be aware that there are rules and regulations. They vary at each site but most of the basics are the same. Don't get into the habit of thinking that you don't need to read them at each and every bingo site that you go to.

The first basic rules will be on the try out bonus. This is where the site will give you a small amount of money to play with so you can try their site out. It will usually be around $10-$15. Although some sites will give you up to $25. All you will be required to do is register at this time you are not expected to deposit. The rules are pretty straightforward. You cannot withdraw this money as it is only for trying out the site. Now if you happen to win a bingo [] while you are playing with this money then it's a different story.

You will have to register and here's where the rules may differ according to the various sites. For example, you will be required to deposit money before you can withdraw your winnings. Then you may have to bet with "x" amount of dollars before they allow you to withdraw. Which means you cannot just deposit a small amount of money then withdraw it and all your winnings as well. Be sure you fully understand the site's rules in this area. Many people become angry and frustrated all because they didn't understand the rules when they started. It's not as if you can claim you didn't know the rules because you have to acknowledge that you read them when you registered.

Another common rule is sometimes if you win a substantially larger amount the site will want proof that you are of age and you are who you say you are. This is because there is a minimum age limit for playing bingo that issues prize money.

Then there are quite often separate rules when it comes to the side games. They may have play through rules for example. Let's say you took $5. Of the bonus money, they gave you and you won $100. Naturally, you would have to make a deposit before you even could think of withdrawing. With some of the side games like the slots, for example it may go even further than that. They may have what is sometimes called a play through. This may be that you have to play through the winnings twice. Therefore, you would have to place $200. In bets before you would be eligible for withdrawal. So if you made $200. In bets and still came out with $300 because of winning more, then you would be entitled to that $300.

You will find a variety of rules when it comes to the chat games and withdrawals as well. There will be specific rules for the various special games that the sites run. It is important that you always fully understand the conditions that you are playing under.
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