4 Simple Rules For Dating Again After Breaking Up

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Getting back into the dating game after a break up can be nerve wracking in the best of times.
If you've been out of circulation as it were for quite a while it can be even more difficult as you try to adjust to new ways of getting the attention of the opposite sex.
Finding someone to date is only half the battle though.
The world seems to be changing at the speed of light and as the world changes so do the rules and guidelines of the dating game.
Keep these simple rules in mind as you begin dating after a break up and you'll be better prepared, at least mentally, to deal with dating in these modern times.
1) No pain - no gain.
There is some pain involved in dating.
Not necessarily the kind of pain you're thinking of.
Venturing into the realm of the unknown and stepping outside of your comfort zone is painful.
If you don't do it, you'll be bound to spend a lot of time alone with your misery.
Accept the pain of; embrace it if possible, moving forward and trying something new.
There's so much for you to gain by doing so.
2) It might feel like the end of the world but it isn't.
Dating after a break up isn't the end of the world.
It's a new beginning.
Whether you go on one date with the new person in your life or one hundred you're beginning something new and that is something to celebrate not something you should mourn or fear.
When you find yourself struggling with the idea of moving forward and dating again after a breakup remember that this is a good thing and one that is necessary if you ever hope to leave the pain of breaking up behind you.
3) Take one date a time.
You might be eager to move forward with your life and tempted to dive right into the next relationship with someone new.
That would be a disaster waiting to happen.
Instead of starting a relationship off the bat try taking one date at a time and dating different people along the way.
4) Don't turn a date into something more than it is.
You've always been warned against making mountains out of molehills.
One date does not a relationship make.
It's a date.
There are no commitments beyond spending a little time getting to know one another and no reason to feel as though you're being sold into slavery.
Take the date for what it's worth and allow things to happen in their own time.
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