Your Guide to Perfect Sleep

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This guide revolves around the idea called the "body clock.
" The body clock is our natural system that allows us to wake up in the morning without the help of a screeching banshee of an alarm.
Have you noticed that some people wake up at the same time every morning, while others need 5 alarms, gallons of water thrown on their face, and the help of 20 strong men throwing them off the bed just to OPEN their eyes? The human body is incredibly sophisticated.
Once we get into a habit, our bodies intrinsically tunes itself to carry out the functions.
Whether for good or bad, habits ultimately determine the way our body functions.
It is the perfect automated system.
Not only will your body wake up at the same time, but no matter when you sleep, the body will automatically adjust itself accordingly.
You will wake up fitful, focused, and motivated in the morning.
Things to check before you sleep 1.
Make sure your room is optimized for perfect sleep No lights.
Even the small flicker of your charging phone will disturb your sleep.
Cover your windows with thick curtains (which also helps with insulation in keeping out the cold or keeping out the heat).
Cover all lights or put them in another room.
Practice your alarm You will have to start with an alarm before your body will be able to adjust to its natural wake up time.
However, in order to wake up, you need to practice.
Practice waking up everyday for 10 minutes.
Do your nightly rituals, lay in bed, and set your alarm for 2 minutes.
When you hear the alarm immediately open your eyes.
DO NOT turn off your alarm.
Stand up and stretch for a minute.
After you feel you will not jump back into bed, turn off your alarm.
With this practice, your body will become more accustomed to waking up 3.
Your body can't wake up First off.
Do you exercise? Trust me it helps.
Working out will make you sore in the morning but who doesn't want to feel that way in the morning? Such a good feeling.
You'll also be more awake do to the natural rehabilitation and the body thanking you for taking making it more sexy.
Last but most important What is your diet? Are you making right decisions to lose weight and feel awesome overall? Eat more vegetables and fruits.
People argue that you can't eat before you sleep, but that is partially true and partially false.
Eating vegetables or fruits instead of a huge dinner will aid your wakefulness in the morning.
Meat takes forever for the body to digest therefore will make you feel terrible in the morning.
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