Best Workout For Tight Abs

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The Best Workout For Tight Abs is here - no need for any trashy abmachine, this is a surefire workout to get a sexy, lean six pack in your very own home with no equipment what so ever.
Let me show you just how it is done.
Just so you are 100% sure - realize this.
Everybody already has a great six pack - most people just have a layer of fat covering it! So the truth here, is that we have to remove that layer of fat.
Don't convince yourself it is just thick skin, even if you are a very active person, sometimes you can still have a layer of fat thick enough to cover the abs.
Here is a workout that will strengthen and tighten abs, as well as burn off body fat to reveal them and leave you turning heads and wanting to walk everywhere in your swim gears: Best Workout For Tight Abs
  • Burpees - 20
  • Press ups - 20
  • Plank (hold) - 1 minute
  • Wall sit (hold) - 1 minute
  • Free squats - 60
  • Jumping jacks - 100
  • Tucking crunches - 20
You will do this workout for one round, all the way through, then rest, then do it again.
For a beginner, once through will be hard, but try to do it 3 times.
The more you push yourself the better results you will get.
Just realize that getting abs is about 50% nutrition and 50% exercise, so if you are serious about getting tight abs, let me give you the one best strategy to achieve this, starting today.
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