When Writing a Blog Communicate With a Purpose!

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Every day, every person engages in hundreds of different conversations.
Whether it's talking to the person sitting next to you, making a phone call, writing a blog sending an email, a Tweet, or commenting on a photo on Facebook, every single act of communication is sent because we are hoping for some sort of reaction or response.
In the business world, the bottom line of every piece of communication is money.
Let me clarify.
All the tweets, blog posts, emails, sales calls, adverts, and any other form of communication is designed to catch the customer's attention in some form, so that brand awareness is raised and ultimately at some point the customer will spend money.
It's not always a direct process, and in fact, the vast majority of blogs that you read on this site or any other will not contain a direct sales pitch.
The point is that all business communication serves a purpose, and the purpose of any business is to make money.
So, how do you ensure that when you are writing a blog, the content you are putting out is going to be eye-catching enough, or interesting enough to stand out from the crowd and draw in customers? There's no hard and fast rule, however there are steps that you can take to try and put yourself and your business in the best light.
Engage Your Audience As I said earlier, when we start a conversation, in whatever format that might be, what we want is a response.
So next time you are writing a blog post, instead of worrying about how you're going to earn your next dollar, think about how you can engage people so that they respond.
It's NOT All About You.
The best way to get someone to respond is to get them talking about their favourite topic - a good starting point would be get them talking about themselves! When telling someone about your business, instead of wording it as what you do, explain it in terms of how they can benefit.
If you want someone to focus their attention on your words, then you must genuinely demonstrate your intention to meet their needs.
Use Open Questions If you have ever worked in Sales, you'll know that the best way to get into a conversation with someone is to engage them in open questions.
Open questions are those that are worded in such a way that the person has to respond with more than Yes or No.
For example, "How do you get such good traffic to your blog?" which would need an explanation as an answer, instead of "Do you get good traffic to your blog?" to which someone could just reply "yes" or "no".
When writing a blog post, articles, adverts, or Tweets you need to try and apply the same "Open Question" concept to ensure that you engage the reader.
Comments Equal Prizes If you spend any time reading other blogs, or on social bookmarking sites such as Digg or StumbleUpon, you're probably drawn to the articles that have the most comments.
These articles may not be the most useful; however they have caught people's attention in the best way.
It may be that they talk about a contentious issue, or that they ask some good questions that readers want to respond to.
Once some people have responded, it automatically looks more interesting to others, so more people read it.
The end result? More traffic to that blog, greater awareness for that site meaning people may go back in the future, creating better awareness of what that business does, and hopefully, more sales and money.
Communicating with a purpose is all important, and with anyone now being able to publish anything they like on the internet, standing out from the crowd has been more important.
Think carefully the next time you are writing a blog about how you want to be perceived and remember it's not all about you.
It's all about engaging your customers, so talk to them and find out about what they want to hear about!
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