Fortune Cookie Suppliers in the US

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It is a boom time for Fortune cookie suppliers. Today, crisp and crunchy Fortune cookies are served as dessert not only in Chinese restaurants and take-outs, but also on special occasions, and birthday and wedding parties. Manufacturers and suppliers in the United States focus on providing fresh Fortune cookies at wholesale prices. As a result, most restaurants prefer to source their requirements from such suppliers rather than bake the cookies themselves.

Buy Premium Quality Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookies come in different colors and flavors. Individually wrapped Chinese fortune cookies are very popular as they seal in the freshness. Made of premium ingredients like flour, sugar, soy bean oil, egg, salt, water, and natural and artificial flavors, their main attraction is the piece of paper inside that has a fortune and set of lucky numbers. Some suppliers even offer cookies with customized messages. There's nothing quite like a Fortune cookie to put a smile on the face of your restaurant customers. With their rising popularity, Fortune cookies are sure to have a bright future.

Online Purchase

Your supplies of Fortune cookies can be easily sourced from online stores. Since they maintain a complete listing and description of the products they stock, you can conveniently compare prices and features. Many suppliers offer great discounts for bulk purchases. Free shipping is also offered for purchases over a certain amount.  Reliable dealers would supply the product fresh and ensure delivery within one or two shipping days

How to Locate a Fortune Cookie Supplier

Locating your supplier is easy. Just browse through the web for directory listings and yellow pages. You can also check out forums and blogs for customer reviews. Comparing  features and prices can help you source your supplies of premium quality fortune cookies from professional fortune cookie suppliers.
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