Thermography- Breast Cancer Screening For Women Of All Ages

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Most women are aware they are supposed to start getting annual mammograms at age 40, or younger, depending on an individual's risk factors- which should be discussed with your regular physician to determine major risk factors. Mammography is not alone now in the fight for earlier diagnosis of warning signs and breast cancer itself, with annual Thermography screenings, doctors can locate areas of concern earlier than mammograms- and sometimes even before a tumor or cyst develops. Breast thermography uses thermal imaging of the breast tissue, which allows doctors to see any changes in the blood flow, which happens before tumors develops. Blood vessels and blood flow is diverted prior to a cyst or tumor developing, and thermography is able to see these changes in the breast tissue long before mammograms can detect a growth. Thermography cannot replace mammography though, because thermography cannot give doctors precise and accurate information about a cyst or tumor the way that a mammogram can. However, the benefit of having annual breast thermography scans, which are recommended for women of any age, not just over 40, is that your doctor can detect changes prior to a problem developing- meaning that it is possible through serious lifestyle changes that one can reduce the risk for the development of cancer, that in some cases can prevent a serious health problem from developing at all. And thermography is constantly developing and evolving at this point in time.

In order to start getting annual thermography scans, all you need to do is find your local thermography center. You will be given strict instructions that need to be followed in order to get the most accurate reading- your first scan is very important. This scan will be used to compare future thermography screenings- your doctor will evaluate the screenings to see if there are any changes in the blood vessels and blood flow in the breast tissue. You will want to continue making an annual appointment at your thermography center.

Along with mammography, breast thermography is aiding in the early diagnosis of breast cancer- as with most cancers, breast cancer is best treated as early as possible. And unfortunately, symptoms of breast cancer that effects a woman's everyday life enough to make her see her physician sometimes don't occur right away, leaving the cancer untreated. Also, breast cancer is becoming more common in younger women- and since thermography is recommended for adult women of any age, you can start having annual screenings at any time. This is particularly comforting to women that have a family history of breast cancer, or other high risk factors. Women who smoke are at higher risk for many types of cancer, with thermography screenings you might just be more motivated to quit smoking and make other permanent healthy lifestyle changes that reduce your risk, particularly if your doctor sees any areas of concern.

If your physician would see something abnormal, they will be sure to use another diagnostic method to confirm. In many cases, mammograms are the preferred test to confirm anything that might be seen on the thermal image. Call a thermography center today to see how thermography can benefit you personally- no need for a doctor's referral.
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